collage on book cover  15 x 20 inches  ©RafaelSantiago2017  Write here...
  #ABOS    collage  15 x 8 inches  private collection  2017©RafaelSantiago
 C-Print  40x40  2008/2015
  smear    semen, urine, 40mg fluoxotine, diamond dust, toothpaste foam, saliva, sebum, carbon pigment, holograph sheet and mucus on canvas  9x12 inches.   ©2013RafaelSantiago
 Starburst  9x12 matte print  2012  ©RafaelSantiago 
  Untitled   Collage 8 x 10 inches  2014  ©rafaelsantiago
Path Of The Lights (A Recurring Dream)
  munstrum 1   c-print and oil stick, 25 x 35 in.  2007-2017  ©RafaelSantiago